Microsoft in the News (Dec. 12, 2014)

Here are a few items of interest pertaining to Microsoft that have been in the news recently.

1) Windows tablets now available for less than $100

HP, Toshiba and E-Fun are selling Windows tablets for under $100 with 7-in. and 8-in. screens

 2) Microsoft’s Cortana Learns French, Italian, German, Spanish

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant for Windows Phone, is going global. Redmond’s answer to Siri is now rolling out in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain as part of an “alpha” launch, Microsoft has announced this week.

3) Say Farewell to Microsoft Clip Art

The days of inserting cartoonish images into PowerPoint presentations or Word documents are over: Microsoft has announced that its Clip Art and image library is closed. Instead, users will have to use Bing Image Search to liven up reports and other files saved to a smartphone, tablet, or PC. Bing has a copyright filter that taps into Creative Commons licenses so you can make sure you are free to use the images that pop up.