Microsoft’s Top 5 Mistakes

Billions of people around the world use Microsoft’s many offerings for their everyday needs and no one can deny that in some ways the company is king of the personal computer. However just because the giant is the leader in the field in so many ways, the company has made its fair share of blunders in its decades in the sector. Let’s take a look back over the years, focusing on some of Microsoft’s less than adequate – and often quite annoying – computer technologies.

5. Clippy the Office assistant

Remember the animated paperclip that graced the presence of early versions of Office? Clippy, as he was so named, also came in various different guises including the Genius and Power Pup the helpful dog, to help users navigate Microsoft Office and perform tasks such as formatting. Unfortunately for Microsoft, many users found Clippy’s constant presence and childish design more than just a little irritating. Children, on the other hand, were much more accepting of the cartoon figure.

4. Windows Vista

If you’ve never heard a positive word uttered about Vista you’re not alone. The XP successor was incompatible with older applications, so many workplaces simply refused to take up the product. Combine that with the invasive security measures, which caused many programmes to fall on their faces and you had an operating system that was deemed a failure from the word go.

3. Zune

Anybody remember Microsoft’s portable players designed for multimedia files? No? That’s because the Zune MP3 player failed to stand up to Apple’s iPod offering and died a quick and un-noted death in the marketplace.

2. Bing

The problem with Bing – Microsoft’s rival to the Google search engine – is that the company left its entry into this market too late. Bing has received good reviews since its launch, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your stand-point) as a brand Google was known for its speed and efficiency – and boasts an already mammoth following that’s been hard to compete with. The lesson here is get on the bandwagon sooner.

1. Tablet PCs

There’s no doubt about it, Apple has been the clear winner on the tablet front to date, but do you remember the Windows XP tablet launched in 2002? It was widely shunned by potential customers due to its limited functionality and frighteningly expensive components. This represented a missed opportunity for Microsoft whose subsequent offerings certainly haven’t had the impact of the iPad.

This article was written by Rachel Hurley a content writer for JKT Design, the leading School Prospectus Design Company.