4 Tech Essentials to Maximize Your PC Gaming

367482147_2859527207_nHardcore PC gamers want impressive graphics, increased speed and more power. The graphics and speed of a good smartphone or cheap tablet might do the trick if you just want to play “Angry Birds” or “Candy Crush Saga,” but PC gamers are relying on new hardware and personal builds to get the speed and display they’re looking for. If you aren’t ready to rebuild your computer from the board out, here are four new purchases you can make to maximize your game and move up the rankings.

Grab a Second Monitor

Have you ever seen an IT guy without at least a dual monitor setup? There’s a reason techies are devoted to the second monitor: You trade desk space for the ability to multitask. A second monitor enables you to have a Skype chat going during a team-based FPS game like Team Fortress, or to just scroll through forums while stuck at a loading screen. If you haven’t updated in a while, get a bigger display. If price is an issue, you can also get a smaller monitor (around 16 inches) for under $70 on sites like NewEgg.

Fight Ping Lag and Packet Loss

In some cases, like the recent problems “Riot” has been facing, lag is on the server side and inevitable. However, there are some things you can do to make sure you aren’t running into walls while your teammates are dying. First, make sure you have a good connection. Faster Internet starts from around $15-$20, according to DSL.com, so an upgraded connection may be well worth the investment. Also, to get optimum speeds while playing, the GE Force blog recommends you stop file-sharing programs (like DropBox) and close out of sites that automatically refresh.

Wear Computer Glasses

The geek look is in, and for once these nonprescription glasses actually do something. A lot of us leave an office job and come home to stare at our laptop to relax. Though the activity might be different, the eye strain builds. Crystalline computer glasses reduce glare and filter out blue light—the same melatonin-suppressing light that has been shown to lead to sleeplessness with prolonged nighttime exposure. For those who need more relief, some stores even offer the glasses with prescription lenses for full-time use.

Use a Gaming Mouse

Your right hand is clenched in “the claw.” You tapped 1 instead of 2 and wasted your best move on a passing bunny rabbit. It looks like it’s time to put a Razer Naga on your birthday list. This mouse has a tilt-wheel and 10 programmable buttons you push with your thumb to avoid wasting time with all that pesky arm movement. It’s broad and evenly sloped for ergonomic comfort, and available in left-handed models. Combine it with a mouse pad with a gel-filled wrist cushion, and you may never want to leave your desk again.

Photo by Flickr user gamerscoreblog