Tips for Beginners to make a Bootable Antivirus CD

There are some viruses out on the internet which attach themselves to the BIOS of the system. As a result of this, such viruses are not tracked down by the normal anti-viruses installed on our machines. They easily bypass them. These viruses need to be dealt in a different manner. For this very purpose we have the Bootable Antivirus Cd. This type of method is very effective in tracking down the viruses, malwares, spwares and trojans which get tightly integrated with the operating system. This bootable Cd has the capacity to perform the scanning and removal of malwares and other viruses without booting the operating system. The basic files of the operating system are just loaded which are necessary for reading the malware files.

Now we come to the main question that how do we proceed with this method.

Direct your web browser to There are several links available there. However you need to be careful. Choose the link which has a green status. It will take you to some other website from where you can download Ultimate Boot CD. Download this file and save it in your local storage drive. Go to the file location on your system. After locating the file open it by double clicking on it. This will start the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen in order to proceed with the installation. It might take you a few minutes. Accept the MD5 Hash Checking. The installation will proceed once the hash checking completes. Hit the checkbox to open the ubcd4winbuilder.exe. 

Get a windows operating system disc. Scan the disc and copy its contents to any location on the system. At least 700 MB of the hard disk space must be available for this purpose. Launch UBCD4win if it’s not yet open. Click the Source browse button (3 dots …) and browse to your i386 folder. Now go to the media output section and choose the location for the ISO image to be created. The ISO image can be burned to the Cd with most of the Cd burning softwares such as Nero. After burning the ISO to the Cd it will become bootable. Now, open the plugins as it is the time now to update the anti-malware software packages. So, all the anti-malware packages in the plugin list need the updation. Select one by one and then click on config button. A command prompt will open and initialize the downloading of the latest updates for the anti-malware packages. After completing the configuration and updation of the plugins hit the close button and select Build. Select yes to create a directory and then click on I agree.

At this point your ISO is created and is ready to be burned.

This bootable Cd has the capability to embed with the utilities tools like hard disk partition software, rootkit scanner and the other system tasks. This means that the viruses and malwares will be totally helpless and you can clean your system in the most effective manner.

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