How To Enjoy Luxurious And Desirable Technology In Your Home

The word technology has long been a very ‘dry’ word and one that we associate with completing necessary tasks in a boring and technical manner. Technology means working in the office, it means driving forklifts and it means complicated science articles. It’s not cool, it’s not desirable and it’s not something you want to concern yourself with when you get home and kick off your shoes to relax.

Or at least that was the old image of technology. Today you see, all that has changed and technology is now much more a part of everything we do. Technology has reached the point where it can almost disappear and stop drawing attention to itself; our devices are small, sleek and intuitive to use. Companies like Apple and Samsung have then taken this opportunity and used it to design devices that aren’t just functional, but that also look desirable and even stylish. Since the birth of the iPad, technology has become much more trendy and much more of a fashion statement than ever before. It’s all about having the latest gadgets that look premium and that provide you with the ultimate automated luxury.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most luxurious technology setups that will turn your home into the stylish house of tomorrow…

Style and Function

The first tip for making your technology stylish and cool is to choose the right devices. That means selecting items that are not just well-equipped on the outside, but also eye-catching and impressive on the outside. The iPad or the Surface for instance make statements because they’re finely crafted and designed to look slick, while other devices such as some of the other new Windows 8 slates attract attention simply for being different and unique. The same goes for TVs and other technology around the home: if you can find something that makes a visual impact then you’ll find it’s much more desirable. Become an early adopter and you will set trends rather than follow them.

From there it’s all about the way you accessorise. What bag will you use to carry your new tablet? And which mouse and keyboard will you use with it?

Technology Where You Don’t Expect to Find It

Another way to make your technology seem instantly more desirable and to instantly provide more luxury, is to put it in places where you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it. Technology is at its best when it’s integrated seamlessly, and there are a number of ways you can accomplish this. For instance, why not try putting a flatscreen TV in your bathroom so that you can relax in your hottub while watching your favourite TV program? Or leaving a tablet in the kitchen so people can read it while you stir them up a cocktail? This kind of ‘casual’ use for technology makes it much less ostentatious and helps to add value to your other items and rooms.

Better yet, why not integrate your technology right into your furniture? An example might be to install speakers in the back of your armchair, or install a tablet computer into your coffee table?

Technology That is Purely About Luxury

One of the reasons that a desktop computer isn’t traditionally an item that we associate with luxury, is that we spend so much time on it working. If you want your technology to be a desirable item first and foremost then, invest in items that have no other purpose. For instance a retractable roof over a swimming pool is a purely indulgent installation, as is a hot tub. And these aren’t about entertainment either, they’re about luxury – technology that exists purely to facilitate your relaxation and comfort. Who wouldn’t be envious of such installations?

As well as having the technology in place though, it’s also about how you use it. The backgrounds you set on your mobile phone can make it more or less stylish, while integrating your various home automations to be controlled by a single remote can also make it that much cooler (or why not have them controlled by your phone via an app?). Think outside the box and integrate your technology into the grander design of your décor and you can make your home truly luxurious as a result.

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Today’s feature writer, Abbey Brooks, works as a project supervisor at OpenAire. She is a frequent blogger and a technology enthusiast. According to her, technology has the power to change the way we live our lives. Having some great insights on custom building designs, she is keen on designing the perfect and technologically advanced house.