Find Love Near You: Location-Based Dating Apps

As you stand in line at Starbucks preparing to order your latte or while sitting in the waiting room of your doctor’s office, everyone is face-to-face with their smartphones. If not stimulated in reality, people seek stimulation through their phones, yet what are they doing? They’re playing “Words With Friends,” scrolling through Facebook’s newsfeed, tweeting about how this long wait is ridiculous or even searching for an impromptu date with someone who’s right around the corner. Download a location-based dating app, and you may just find the love of your life in your neighborhood in a moment’s notice.

Virtual Dating Isn’t Taboo

The jury’s still out whether or not the stigma of online dating still exists, but the truth is that singles are dating and they are doing it online. Meeting a stranger based on proximity, a picture and a short description of that person, which is referred to as a dating profile, is exactly how people are starting relationships.

Skeptics think that, online, a 30-something Capricorn with decent hair and a penchant for water sports is probably an escaped convict who has all the charms to lure you into a cab and drive you to your never-return. The truth is, it is now safer and more reliable to meet singles online with trustworthy sites. Similar to how businesses adopt enterprise address software to validate customer addresses, singles who value their safety can expect a level of user-identity validation.

Even if everything about your online sweetheart seems to check out, still be cautious when meeting in person. Build trust the same way you would any person you are getting to know.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the online dating bandwagon these days. With around 20,000 single men and women installing SinglesAroundMe and 1 million of 3 million OkCupid users using the GPS feature, according to, the potential to find love just around the corner might be just a touch screen away.

Are You Ready for Mobile Dating?

Online dating skeptics think falling in love should be organic destined, meant-to-be, a chance encounter. Just because you actively looking for single candidates on your smartphone who may be a potential match doesn’t mean you can’t have an organic connection with the right one.

Whether you’ve never tried online dating or you’re an active, devoted online dater, the following reasons may make you want to download a geo-specific dating app or keep up your efforts:

  • Scanning nearby singles on your phone to meetbypasses traditional online dating that can move at a glacial pace. For most people, true compatibility is determined by meeting in-person.
  • There’s less pressure, expectations and commitment. Michael Bolognino, who found a relationship in San Francisco, told that “you’re just meeting for a quick interaction and getting a vibe.”
  • Daters with a busy schedule can maximize their time by searching for interesting dates while on lunch or during a commute. The meeting itself is expected to be short and direct over a drink or coffee. Think convenience and quick accessibility.
  • Since you’re exposed to people who are in close proximity, you’re likely to locate people who share your interests. Enjoying a live band at a local bar? See who shares your love for music. Running at a park? Check out who also enjoys the outdoors.

Thinking about testing the waters of app-based dating? Download: Let’s Date, OkCupid Locals, Blendr and HowAboutWe. Even Facebook’s new Graph Serve is proving itself to be an online dating platform.