Linux or Windows?

Have you ever given thought to trying out Linux on your PC?

Perhaps you don’t like Vista, don’t want to ‘downgrade’ to XP and buying a Mac is not an option. Well, I would be the first to admit that Linux has come a long way in a few short years. I first tried it many years back (I even purchased a retail copy) and promptly uninstalled it and returned the software for a refund. I recently tried Both Ubuntu and Mandriva, which are both user-friendly ‘distros’ (as Linux releases are called). Mandriva worked especially well on my Dell laptop, recognizing the internal wireless adapter and getting me online with no problems.

However, I didn’t feel that Linux had reached the same level as Windows just yet. For instance, it was nearly incomprehensible to me as to how to install a driver for my printer. If I (as one familiar with operating systems going back to DOS 5.0) cannot figure it out, then how would someone with less experience than I do it?

Have a look at a recent post by Ed Bott “Linux to replace Windows? Not yet…” on his blog showing why the majority of users are not ready for the Linux experience.

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