Lightning Fast Internet Speeds Anywhere

Your favorite portable device and a reliable internet connection gives you the freedom you want

If you are living in a rural area you may have felt that high speed internet was not an option for you but with the advancements made with satellite internet and mobile hot spots people are finding that getting the speed they need in their rural area is a breeze. There are more options than ever before to help you surf the web with ease and keep in touch with the people you care about. And with the world moving faster and faster every day, it is not feasible to sit down in front of a computer screen to stay connected. The world is becoming portable, and tablet computers are there to fill this new need.

Most tablet computers have many internet options available. The iPad 2 is most like the most widely known tablet computer. At $399 it comes with 16GB of memory, on board WI-fi and mobile data plans that make using your iPad almost anywhere very simple. With hundreds of apps available the iPad is also user friendly. An iPad will do anything a standard computer can do from word processing, E-mail, browsing the web, playing games and even watching your favorite movie. But you don’t have to splurge on the iPad to get lightning fast browsing and a wide variety of app options. For example the new Kindle fire not only boasts super-fast web browsing with any internet connection but also comes with free cloud storage. The fire comes with Amazon silk, a web browser designed just for the Kindle fire. This is an amazing deal for $199.99 also with thousands of available apps. The fire is a premium laptop without the premium price tag. Like the iPad the Kindle fire also has a long battery life, and amazing sound. The fire also has the added advantage of the kindle owner’s lending library when amazon prime members can barrow from thousands of popular books at no cost.

When in very remote rural areas a satellite internet provider may be the best and most reliable option for getting high speed internet necessary to get the best of your tablet computer. Satellite often provides a more consistent connection than cell connections that can often lose speed or drop connections often. When coupled with a wireless router, satellite Internet proves to be a stable way to get the rich media you need on your wireless device. With technology making advancements a leaps forward every day consumers get stronger options for staying connected with their favorite computer devices.

Eric Kuhn is a technology expert specializing in the field of mobile communication and portable internet devices.