Laptop Security Tips

These days, one can never be too careful when it comes to laptop security. For many of us, our laptops are filled to the brim with sensitive and important information that would not do well if found in the wrong hands or seen by the wrong pair of eyes. There are also countless stories of laptops getting stolen in libraries, airports, movie theatres, coffee shops, restaurants, and what have you.

The entire purpose of laptops is to be able to transport computers in a convenient and efficient manner. While there are ways to safeguard your laptop and the data that it contains, we can never be too safe as there are skilled people out there who will stop at nothing to penetrate your security measures and access your information. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to try. With that in mind, here are a few helpful security tips for your laptop.


Never underestimate the power of using the right software tools to assist you in keeping your laptop safe from the hands of prowling thieves and hackers. Here is a short list below:

  1. LAlarm. LAlarm was designed specifically for Windows users. This alarm security software wasdesigned for the prevention of laptop theft. With this software, you can arrange for various alarms to be activated with categories like theft, perimeter, inattention, battery, disk, data destruction, recovery facility, and more. This software is free.
  2. Laptop Alarm. Laptop Alarm can go off in the event of these three occurrences: when the computer is shut down, when the mouse is disconnected from the laptop, and when the power cable of the laptop is unplugged. Laptop Alarm is priced at $2.7 and is compatible with Windows only.
  3. Laptop Lock. Laptop Lock is used to protect your data and automatically delete it in case you lose or laptop or it gets stolen. Other features of Laptop Lock include data encryption, program launching, and more.


While software tools are great for ensuring laptop security, hardware can be very useful as well. Here are a few devices worth looking at:

  1. Laptop Security Lock. These have grown in popularity since their release and since the proliferation of laptop theft. Most computer shops carry them and they are very easy on the budget. These come in handy in situations where you may need to leave your laptop unattended in a public place for some period of time.
  2. Nio Bluetooth Alarm. This is one of the more interesting hardware tools available for helping curb laptop theft. The Nio Bluetooth Alarm is a Bluetooth device that is triggered when it senses that your laptop goes beyond a certain perimeter. This is a worthy investment as it can be used not only for the laptop but for other belonging as well such as a backpack or a handbag.

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Tracking a Stolen Laptop

In the unfortunate event that your laptop gets stolen even after implementing all the hardware and software strategies that you know of, what is your next step?

  1. Prey. Prey is a form of software that is compatible with most operating systems or platforms (e.g. Windows, Mac, Android and Linux). It allows you to track your laptop in the event of a loss and it uses GPS technology to inform you via SMS or email about the exact location of your laptop. Pretty nifty.

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There are many other similar types of software available on the market that can help you track down a stolen laptop. But hopefully, you won’t even have to go to those lengths. Make use of the aforementioned hardware and software tools, and do not leave your laptop unattended unless completely necessary and you should be fine.

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