5 Serious Safety Measures For Your Laptop Inside Your Home Office

You must feel great running your own business and the fact you run it from home makes it even more special. Everything important to you is contained inside four walls and you can keep a watchful eye on it. But do you honestly think because your home and business is under one roof it automatically makes it safe? Imagine for a second something happened and everything was ruined. You might be able to claim on your insurance and if you win you’d end up with quite a lot of cash to replace everything, but can your business be replaced?

If your home is ruined you can buy another couch. You definitely can’t buy new customers because your copies of the old ones went up in smoke. You need to put some serious safety measures in place inside your home office and it will guarantee your business becomes indestructible. We can go over a list of them right now and you can use them all if you want to stay extra safe, but please make sure you do something because anything could go wrong and you could be left in a lot of trouble.

Up and away

Most people are under the impression their work will be safe because they save it on their hard drive, but we know that’s a very dangerous way to play with your business. If you’re not making extra copies of everything you are only playing and can’t call it a business anyway. What most people are doing these days is saving everything they have on their computer in an online storage space. You can pay a small fee each month depending on how much storage space you need and everything in a special folder will automatically be synced with your storage space in the sky. It lets you sleep a lot easier at night.

Remembering less

As your business grows you always have a lot more things to remember and one of those things always seems to be more passwords. It’s hard for anyone remembering more than a few passwords over the long-term and something must be done about it. Do yourself a favor and install password management software then your workload will reduce dramatically. That’s because you only need to remember one password from now on and it still won’t compromise your security like it would if you just changed them all to the same one.

Uninvited guests

How many people do you know that sneak into your office when you’re not around so they can use your computer? You should really be answering zero because you would be none the wiser if anyone was doing that. Unless you have locks on your doors and passwords on your computer you might never know. Not unless you install keylogging software then you can make systematic checks to see if anyone has been logging into your computer and playing around when they shouldn’t be.

Tracking it down

If your laptop was destroyed in a fire you would be annoyed, but because you have your cloud backup sorted you’d be able to get everything back. When you have your laptop stolen it’s completely different. It’s still alive in the physical form and the only reason you don’t have it is because someone decided to take it from you. It’s hard just to forget about it and when you have tracking software installed you don’t need to. There’s always a good chance you’ll get it back.

Keep on top of things

You probably have lots of software hard at work in the background saving your work from a dreaded virus or piece of malware that wants to destroy you. The only way you can guarantee they keep working is by keeping them up-to-date. I know that kind of thing is boring, but it’s an easy way to stay safe. You should also take your laptop to the shop every 6 months for a little fine-tuning and you’ll have much less problems in the future.

Jason Haddad says that being a businessman he has to take care of all his data and he uses keyloggers to take care of people who use his laptop when he is not around.