Are You Torn Between Buying A Laptop Or A Tablet? – Read This First!

A few years ago it was a simple choice really, because you probably already had a PC and decided at some point that it was time to buy a laptop. They are incredibly versatile bits of kit that can often replace a PC altogether. Many of us have opted to keep the portable notebook and kick the bulky old desktop to the kerb. Of course, the PC still rules when it comes to playing RAM eating shoot ‘em up games and also is hard to beat with the storage space. Anyway, nowadays there is a newcomer on the scene and his name is ‘Tablet’. If you have no limits to your spending power, you can forget this article because you probably have both already. For those of us with smaller budgets, it can be a dilemma when choosing one or the other. Please take a look at this small guide that discusses which one would suit you better.

What Are Tablets?

Essentially, tablets are touch sensitive screens that have a lot of capability and are very cool. They come in many guises and here are a few of them for you:

The iPad – King of the tablets, this Apple appliance costs as much as a PC but is the last word in trendy must have gadgets, along with its brothers, the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Probably the nearest rival to the iPad.

Kindle/Nook- These are for consumption only and are clever little eBooks.

Price Comparison

If you are looking for a new basic laptop, you can probably get one for about $5/600 and it will be a nice little machine. Tablets range from $300-$800 depending on the model you buy. With laptops, you can pay up to $2000 or more if you choose an Apple top of the range model. The eBooks are from $100-$200 and are a great little gadget but not really in the same market as the laptop/tablets. The premium that these appliances command is often more related to their brand value as opposed to the on-board capability.

Features Comparison

This depends on your own demands from these appliances, and if you are purely interested in YouTube and social networking then both are fairly even in this department. But if you like a nice library of movies to watch, you will find that the tablets are pretty weedy in comparison for storage alongside the more sophisticated laptops. When you consider that the tablets have only been on the scene for about 4 years, they are still infants compared to the notebooks. Many of us use the laptop in the office and when we are on the road, the tablet is not in the same ball park for these activities.

And The Winner is…


To be honest, both of these appliances are winners and they are not really aimed at the same market. Eventually, the tablet will progress and may break into the office appliance marketplace. For now, the laptop is just too powerful and has fantastic multitasking potential. But the tablet rules in the portability arena and that will not change.  You should probably save up and get both of these modern marvels!

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