Goodbye Facebook! Kick your Social Media Habit

You’ll pay the price for convenience. Studies have shown that too much social media use can have a detrimental effect, impacting upon your personal relationships. When you spend all day on a computer at work and come home to spend more time on a computer, your health and happiness can and will suffer.

Don’t worry – it’s possible to stay connected with your friends and family, all while taking a break from Facebook, Twitter and all of your other social media vices.

Catch-up for a coffee

PICK UP THE PHONE! That’s right. Call your best friend and go get coffee, instead of just posting on their Facebook wall while you’re in bed at home. The more time you spend out and about with friends the less time you could be spending at home, scrolling through your Twitter feed. It’s all about taking the time to really reconnect with friends on a deeper level, beyond liking or favouriting things. You might find words flow faster if you’re not stopping to answer Facebook messages or to Instagram every cocktail.

Buy a movie online

You spend four hours on Facebook, aimlessly scrolling through news feeds – surely, you can take two hours to watch a movie. Movies are a great way to relax and unwind, plus they give your brain a bit of a break for a while. Buying a movie from iTunes or Amazon costs less than the price of a Happy Meal, so use it to your advantage and get watching. You’ll find the time just flies.

Get outdoors

Bring out your inner flâneur. Walk lazily around your city or even just the local park, soaking up the sights without needing proof! You don’t need to prove you went on a walk and saw some flowers by Instagramming it, or declare your everyday activities to your loved ones via Twitter. Make this time “me” time.

Treat yourself

Grab a book and hop in the bath. Light some candles and feel all the stress and frustration float away from you. Just lie there and read, instead of thinking about your friend’s status updates or relationship status. That will all be there when your detox is over and you’re feeling comfortable not being perpetually connected.

Read a newspaper…

From cover to cover. Don’t even skip the section devoted to real estate (Cranbourne North’s scenery is beautiful to look at, even in the paper). You might even find something for sale that you’d really love. You’ll get back up to date with all the current events without having to head onto Twitter for your real-world fix. Support journalists and publishers who write great informative stories. Investigative journalism still has a place so long as people like you are reading it.

After you take some time for yourself, you’ll learn that you don’t need to be in front of the computer of your phone to be connected. After all, it’s important to be in touch with yourself as well. It’s time now, with the shackles of social media gone, to start to enjoy it responsibly. You can have your cake and eat it too (and take a photo of it for Instagram, if you must).

Sarah Paige, social media addict, has taken a break from Facebook for a little while. Instead she’s focusing her attention on real estate, Cranbourne North has some lovely houses for sale which she might look into.