Key Cloud Computing Trends To Watch Out For in 2014

Over the past decade or so, Cloud computing has accomplished the herculean task of grabbing everyone’s attention in the worldwide IT industry. We are the lucky ones as we can utilize cloud computing in all its glory and witness its rags-to-riches saga in a real-time environment.

Given its evergreen nature, every year there are many obvious glorifying trends to look out for and this year is no different. This is why:

1. Say Hello To Hybrid Clouds:

  • The influx of hybrid clouds has marked an end to the prolonged never ending debate of Public cloud VS Private cloud by effectively combining the best of both worlds.
  • Public cloud’s scalability, cost efficiency, reliability, flexibility when combined with private cloud’s security and privacy standards makes for an infallible combo.
  • It widens the horizon when it comes to the range of services/solutions available for the decision makers at affordable rates.

2. Influx Of Mobile Cloud:

  • In today’s world, everything is mobile and vice-versa. Cloud computing will pave the way for the next mobile technological game-changer leading to a bombardment of new & improved services.
  • Cloud manages to nullify the anomalies a mobile presents like limited memory, low processing power and poor battery life to provide an undisputed limitless platform of applications and value added services.

3. Science Infused With Cloud Computing:

  • Science infused with the cloud has coined a new term called-SCIENTIFIC Cloud Computing which has already started showing signs that it is here to stay.
  • It brings forth a quantum leap in science by enabling various breakthroughs by substantially improving the standard at which experiments are performed.
  • It helps to generate increasingly complex, high volume data centers using techniques like data intensive computing [DIC] & high throughput/performance computing.

4. Industrial Internet Re-Incarnated:

  • Watch out as the Internet of things [Industrial Internet] begins to boom in the coming year by corroborating high tech machines, complex data centers and value added customer applications across multiple organizations.
  • Availability of real time data will aid in process improvement for industries which will pave the foundations of the next wave of technological machines subject to centralized control.

5. Rise Of PaaS:

  • More and more companies are turning their heads towards Platform-As-A-Service solutions. It allows organizations to substantially lower their IT expenditures and significantly improve deployment times by swifter testing.

6. BYOD+Personal Cloud:

  • BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] practices continue to penetrate organizations and the coming year will follow the same trend as well. As clients keep on infusing their respective data in their personal cloud, IT brainiacs are looking for ways to find the middle ground and incorporate personal cloud with the enterprise environment.


  • Predictive Approach- Real time is no longer adequate for proper functionality. The system needs to have the audacity to find, study and analyze a myriad of real-time situations in order to develop the required action course leading to incorporation and adaption of these changes for the better.
  • Containerizing And Virtualizing- Both applications and machines are subjected to containerizing and virtualizing to ease deployment causing lighter, faster management.
  • People are driving towards open source applications and web-pages as acquiring licenses for each individual user has become obsolete.


Cloud computing is no less than a celebrity in the IT world with a fan-base of over 600 million users all across the globe and so, it is meant to prevail and prosper.

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