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Modern day computer printers are incredibly versatile and useful appliances, they seem to be getting smaller, yet have more functions than ever before. The only time we ever seem to go near them is when they are out of paper or if the ink needs replacing. We could be a little more caring about the poor printer as the neglect can sometimes build up into a few bigger problems. This article suggests a few ways in which we can keep our printer nice and healthy and avoid any expensive repair issues further down the line.

Move It!

Many people tend to leave their printer on the floor or at the bottom of their workstation desk, because after all it’s not the most attractive looking piece of equipment is it? Well, this is a mistake as the amount of dust that can settle on your device when it is rested on the floor is phenomenal. The other downside to leaving your printer in an awkward place to access, is the fact that we tend to spend as little time as possible hunched down when we collect our output. If there are any visible issues with the printer, we will probably not even notice. If you have some space available, you should consider moving your printer onto a higher surface, this way the dust will not be as big an issue, and you will be able to do a visible check every now and then without doing your back in!

Clean It!

If you neglect the cleaning schedule for your printer, you will soon have your work cut out for you. The dust alone is enough reason to start a proper cleaning routine. Just get some antistatic spray and a clean dry cloth and wipe the surfaces down every week at least. The printer heads will also need some attention, otherwise your print quality will start to suffer as a result. Simply remove the cartridges and wipe the contact surface down with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. The printer heads can be kept in check by running your printer’s cleaning program. Check your handbook for the specific commands for this activity. You should turn the device off when you are not using it and cover it with the appropriate printer guard if you have one. You can always use a clean towel if the printer cover cannot be found. If you leave the device on all of the time, the printer heads will be exposed and you can get a lot of trouble if any foreign particles decide to attach themselves to them. When you switch the device off, the printer heads will automatically park themselves safely.

A Busy Printer Is a Happy Printer!

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If your printer is used regularly, you will have less problems with the maintenance. A printer that sits idle for months then has a large print job to cope with, will more than likely have issues with print quality and paper feed. The way to keep your printer nice and lubricated is by using it as often as possible. If you have a colour cartridge, try and print something at least once a week that will engage this facility. Otherwise the ink may start to dry up and will be a waste of a valuable resource.

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