Keep Track of Everything With Wireless Sensor Tags

Today, you find alerts and alarms for nearly everything, from key finder alerts to car and house alarms. Alerts and alarms have taken on the face of security and peace of mind in everyday life, and Cao Gadgets LLC has risen to meet this need with the Wireless Sensor Tags.

The Wireless Sensor Tags are the ultimate devices for finding lost mobile phones, car keys or even TV remotes. They are small and battery-powered, and they monitor motion, location and temperature changes. They are applicable in monitoring the garage or fridge door, or keeping tabs on the interior fridge temperature. These devices can be affixed to or placed on just about anything, helping you keep track of your gadgets.

The key components of the Wireless Sensor Tags:

• Digital 3D magnetometer
• Temperature sensor
• Battery
• Ethernet Tag Manager
• Polymer encasing

The digital 3D magnetometer that is used in most smartphones has been used to design the Wireless Sensor Tag. The magnetometer serves as the motion sensor, as it registers movement in its orientation up to one degree and can even be adjusted to adapt to areas with high amounts of magnetic noise.

A temperature sensor is featured in the tag alerting you to changes in temperature based on encounter with upper or lower thresholds. The battery has been designed to last several years, and saving on battery power is facilitated by a pre-programmed algorithm that has hysteresis.

The wireless Sensor Tag operates alongside an Ethernet Tag Manager, which plugs into your router through Ethernet and wirelessly monitors each of your tags. The device has to be running on Android or iOS and it features an app that can be customized depending on your preferences.

A thin, elastic polymer encases the tag. This polymer has a Velcro strap that enables it to affix to objects in any orientation.

How the Wireless Tag Works

The two-inch square Wireless Sensor Tag is calibrated for sensitivity to temperature or movement, and then set to send an alert or trigger an alarm. It runs off the wireless network at your home.

The Tag Manager is connected to the router and power, and it is capable of locating up to 255 sensors within a 200ft radius. This Tag Manager constantly monitors the sensors and in the event of tripping, it transmits notifications to your mobile device. You only have to download the app on your Android or iOS device. Once done, you should start receiving constant updates of movement, temperature or angle changes detected by the sensors via Twitter, email, the personalized app or even push notifications that are availed on phones and slates.

Upon loss of the tag, you simply activate the inbuilt keepers by pinging them. This is the same concept applied in the tracking down of missing items that the tags are attached to. You use the sensor app to ping it, and a beep will alert you to the location.

The Future Impact of the Wireless Sensor Tags on the Industry

The Wireless Sensor Tag is the device that promises to fill the polished monitoring products niche. Cao Gadgets has put much thought into the micro management of the tags. You can customize them via your web-based Android and iOS apps, and alerts are sent to you via web-based platforms. The trigger statistics are also accessible with graphs from the software. This function will be of benefit to those who have a penchant for their data.

Costing only $15 US for a Wireless Sensor Tag and $50 US for the Ethernet Tag Manager, you can look forward to a future where you conveniently find lost items by setting a different type of alert or frequency for everything. You will now know whether your garage door is up or down, and if your dog is outdoors or safely indoors.

Geoffery is an avid consumer of new developments and innovations in technology. Working for Kemet, an electronic components manufacturer ensures he stays ahead of the most exciting new gadgets and gizmos.