How To Keep Your Gmail Inbox Organized

There are so many free email accounts online these days but Gmail may be the best one. It has so many features and is easy for anyone to use. Gmail can be organized to keep it neat and clean. If you were wondering how you can keep your Gmail account organized, here’s how.


 Labels are a great way to keep your emails organized to keep them in one spot. You no longer have to leave those important emails in your inbox for future reading. This only clutters up your inbox. Now, with labels, you can be sure your emails are safe and sound in designated folders where you can read them later. To use labels, simply create different ones under different categories. You can then click on the email, read it and click on the label you want to add it to. You then click on archive and the email will be sent to that folder. You can also mark the checkbox next to the email you want to send to a folder and click on “move to” to send it to that folder. Then click on the label you want it under. This is a great way to keep your Gmail nice and organized.


 Filters are also a great way to keep your Gmail inbox organized. You can create filters to have certain emails go straight to their designated folder without coming to your inbox and cluttering it up. You can also create filters to have your spam go straight to the trash folder. What a great way to keep everything in their designated spots to keep everything nice and clean!

Important, Everything Else and Starred

 Another great way to keep things organized is to make sure you get your important emails first. By marking an email as important, it will go to the top of your inbox for easy reading first. Then everything else will go to the “everything else” section of your inbox. There is also a starred section that will allow you to have certain important emails stay in one sop, starred.

Free and Unlimited Storage

 Gmail also has free and unlimited space so you will be sure to get every email you need. For example, some email accounts will send an email back to the sender if the email inbox is too full. However, Gmail has tons of space to allow for you to get all of your emails without having to worry about deleting anything if you don’t want to. You can leave tons of email in your inbox if you desire and with the free and unlimited storage you will still get every email you are supposed to get.

By keeping your emails nice and organized you will make for a better day. This is because you won’t have to worry about deleting a ton of emails to make room for others. You can also make sure certain emails go to different folders. This makes for a stress free, better day.

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