Keep a check on employees and increase your ROI with Employee Desktop Live Viewer!

With huge organizations and larger number of employees, it is getting difficult to manage each employee separately. Even if you deploy several administrators or team heads, some of the other employee would easily sneak out and do what he wishes to do. If taken as a practical example then one cannot manage a team of five people and keep a check on what exactly each employee is doing.

Moreover, how many employees dedicate their entire time to work? Not all, but there are many employees that love to surf websites, play online games, listen to music, chat with their friends or do some freelance work while they are supposed to complete an assignment given in the office. Suppose someone is trying to keep a check on this employee who wastes time in website surfing than doing work, he can easily fool people by opening another window and replacing it with the game window as soon as possible.

Keeping an eye on employee’s activities increases the ROI as well. If the staff works for two hours and wastes the other six hours in the office timing playing games or passing their time, the amount of work done is less than the resources put up. Many times, resources are mismanaged. The return of investment is always increases if people give good output.

Hence, monitoring user’s actions, LIVE desktop and saving it somewhere for future reference is considered very good. There is plethora of software available in market that let you keep a close eye on employee’s actions. Monitoring every action of user on his desktop can be painstakingly tough but can be managed after all by usage of such products.

I trust a product named, Employee Desktop Live Viewer. Other than being very user-friendly and interactive, the product has several other useful features:

  • Easily monitors several computers connected in a system
  • Administrators can easily restrict some activity on employee’s desktop or send message to stop it immediately
  • Increases the ROI of organization
  • Stops useless activities on the employee’s desktop
  • Lets the administrator view LIVE action of employee’s computer screens
  • Works on the background and takes snapshots without knowledge of employee
  • Allows offline monitoring also by creating an AVI movie when administrator is not present

This is very useful software for any organization as it easily records online as well as offline activities on a network. The kind of monitoring this software does in stealth mode is impeccable. The entire recording is saved in AVI formats that can be viewed as and when required. It supports all versions of Windows Operating system and is simple to install and use.

You can download the trial version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer easily from its official website and use it for a while to analyze the features and functionalities. The trial edition will let you keep a check on one computer for seven days and create an offline AVI movie of five minutes.

Author’s Bio:

Steve Smith is a network security analyst with decade of experience in doing research on development of effective desktop activity recorder tools.