Meet an MVP: Kapil Arya

Please meet Kapil Arya, a first-year (2014) Windows Expert- Consumer MVP. Kapil lives in India and runs a website Kapil Sparks, which focuses on Windows troubleshooting and how-to tips. Let’s get to know Kapil a little better:

1. Kapil, please tell us a little of your background: employment, training, your first PC, etc.

I’m from India and live here with my father. My mom passed away two years back and whatever I am today is because of her blessings with me. Currently, I’m 21 and pursuing my final year of Electrical Engineering degree from a Government Engineering College. I’m quite a geek by nature and always have a great passion for tech gadgets. Addicted to Windows since 2009 when my father bought me a brand new laptop. I started my blogging career when I was in 11th standard of my school life. In those days, Blogger ( was my companion, where I learned so many things about HTML and later on I switched to WordPress CMS, where I learned PHP and CSS. Currently, my day starts by replying to new threads on my iPad, then I take a hardcore research for new topics and finally I end my day by writing new articles for the sake of others.

2. How did you become an MVP, and what were your thoughts when you first heard of getting the award?

Kapil Arya

Kapil Arya

Becoming an MVP became my aim when I firstly read about the Microsoft MVP Award Program on Wikipedia. In 2012, I joined The Windows Club as a Windows 8 author and I am presently working there. Meanwhile, I have regularly contributed hundreds of threads to Microsoft Answers. So this year back in April, Microsoft recognized all my contributions and awarded me as an MVP in Windows-Expert Consumer category. On 1st April when all the world was celebrating April Fool Day, I received the official email from Biplab Paul (our MVP community lead) that I am now part of their elite group. Reading this email was a great sigh of relief to me and honestly speaking, I thanked every Windows user whom I have helped whether online or offline.

3. I know you are a Windows Expert-consumer MVP, but what areas or subjects do you like to ‘specialize’ in or feel you are most proficient in?

As a Windows Expert – Consumer, you have to concentrate on diverse parts of Windows operating systems. Unlike a PowerPoint MVP, whose workspace is primarily PowerPoint , I have to focus on various sections like Modern Apps, Security, User Accounts, Windows Updates, Virtualization, Customization, Registry and Group Policy manipulation etc. Registry and Group Policy Editor are my favorite tools and most of stuff I create involve the use of them. Apart from these, I also love to write about Internet Explorer, Office 365, Windows Phone etc.

4. Tell us about your site Kapil Sparks™ what made you decide to start your own site?

Thinking back, I used to spend most of my time on my Windows laptop, this drew out my interest in learning new things about the Windows OS. Then using this knowledge, I spend it in helping others for fixing their computer problems. When others started appreciating my work, I put everything that I know on my website. Using the basics of PHP and CSS, I developed my website named Kapil Sparks™. It went online in year 2010 and to date I have posted over 500 articles on the Web. The website is getting thousands of page views daily. I’m working hard to put fixes for most common error problems on the website, in order that it may help others in solving their issues. Apart from troubleshooting, the site also offers how-to guides and tips and tricks to visitors.

5. Downtime: what things do you like to do away from technology?

There is no “downtime” word in my dictionary! Actually, blogging and making contributions to forums takes up 90% my time. So I hardly even get time to study for my Electrical Engineering course. However, I attend my classes regularly with great interest, and that’s why I’m now eligible for an honors degree which is above 75%. My friends always ask me the same question again and again, that is, how you manage both the fields regularly? But even I don’t have any answer to tell them! Well, seems like I have some God gifted abilities, that helps me to switch in both fields instantaneously.

If I do get any free time to chill out, I prefer to watch television, movies or making treats with friends. Playing with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and coding apps using Visual Studio is the fun time activity for me. I also love to spend my leisure in solving electrical circuits using my favourite tool, MATLAB. I strongly believe in the fact that there are no dumb questions, it’s just the people who don’t ask them 🙂

Thanks Kapil!

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