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justcloudIf you are looking for an easy way to backup, share, and sync files between devices then JustCloud just might be the online backup service you are looking for. Just think of no longer having to transfer files to and from other computers or devices via email or USB sticks.  And I just got used to having a USB stick wrapped around my neck all day. 🙂  The emergence of online storage services like JustCloud are now becoming more user friendly and simple to use. You can back up local files using its desktop client and access them through your web account from any internet-connected device like your iPad, iPhone, Android Smartphone/Tablet, or Blackberry device.

JustCloud’s difference in the marketplace is their allowed storage space.  Can you handle unlimited space? Really it does not get any better than that. Compared to other competitors like Carbonite and Mozy which offer a limited (while still plenty) of storage space, having unlimited to me is just better. So go ahead and upload all your photos, videos, docs, music, and everything else and don’t worry about having to upgrade later, you’ll thank me later.

Even more appealing is JustCloud’s payment options. If you do go for the unlimited plan, the longer you sign up for the lower you will pay overall. Even their discounted 6-month plan is under $5 a month. If you went with the longer contract it will set you back only $3 a month, again that is for unlimited space that you can access from just about anywhere. The savings are applied upfront which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. To me the one time fee for two years is a no-brainer.

JustCloudSettings (Scheduling)

JustCloud Settings

JustCloud provides awesome scheduling options. Basically everything you need to take total ownership of your backups. Set it to run once a day. Set it to run every time a change is made to a directory. Are you a content creator (pictures, music, docs)?  Schedule JustCloud to automatically upload these files as soon as you create them.

File Sharing

JustCloud Sync Settings

Now this is what separates the wheat from the chaff.  JustCloud’s syncing and file sharing is truly a pleasure to use. Personally I use an iPad 2 and now I can use the Sync folder on my PC to add any file I want to use on my iPad. A simple drag and drop to the Sync folder and WHAM, instant files on my iPad. Well perhpas it’s not instant because it has to upload, but if you have a fast internet connection like I do it’s almost instant.  You can also share your files by email, Facebook or Twitter, or you can create custom, private links for specific files to send to whomever you choose.

File Versioning

Another feature that is employed by this service if File Versioning. This alloys you to restore any previous version of a file you may have accidentally deleted. Smart! And with File Preview you can see exactly what the file is before downloading it. This is handy for all those oddly named movie torrents you shouldn’t be downloading.

Service Security

To me security is the most essential part of utilizing a cloud service.  JustCloud utilizes SSL encryption for all of their data transfers which means that your data is safe during transport. Having a valid username and password guarantees ease of access to your files and keeps unauthorized parties at bay. If you are sharing your files there are additional security features to set file permissions, in addition to setting expiration dates for any file link you create.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to help and support, JustCloud may not have the full service like Carbonite, but they excel by offering unlimited storage and easy of use. You can conveniently access your files from any internet connection, and the service’s simple interface makes it easy to backup and sync your files.

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