Jailbreak your iPhone 5

If you have an iPhone, you would probably put it right at the top while listing your most prized possession. It’s not because it’s an expensive cell phone, but it’s because we all love our iPhone. Most of us are not still done playing with iPhone 4 and the next edition of iPhone, iPhone 5 is already preparing for it’s launching and it’s assumed that, it would be available by the end of this year. We all are making plans about Jail breaking the new iPhone 5 and a very essential aspect of that planning is deciding on an iPhone case that would compliment and suit the phone and will also go with our individual personality.

For the iPhone 5 the case has to be really very special and Cygnett Workmate can be a perfect case to suit up the new iPhone 5. If you ask me to explain the case in one word I would say it’s awesome. Just take a look at the workman and you will know that Jail break your iPhone 5 deserves something as cool as this. But if you are going to buy this case a word of caution is this, it’s not meant for everyone. You can get that idea from the name “workman”. The cover is a super protector of the phone but is heavily built. If you expect that your iPhone is going to be exposed to an environment which is way rougher than the regular environment then you should pick this one. But if you are looking for something delicate, you have look for something else.

The case is a simple layer of rubberized silicon which covers the whole phone except for the screen and ports. You can use a screen protector for guarding the screen. But still it is one of the most highly for absorbing cases and you might be surprised once you see the strength of the case. There might be a few complexity when it comes to accessing the ports and buttons, but if protection of the phone is your prime target, this case does a great job.

The design and color of the case is very sporty and vibrant. Colors like yellow and orange with a grey lining are used in the cases. The price of the Cygnett Workmate is fixed at $30 which is a good price considering all those this case has to offer to our iPhone 5.