iTunes’ Music Replacement : Manage, Transfer Music on iOS Devices

Having trouble sending your friend your music playlist from the iOS device to their iPod? Or want to simply download music on your PC and transfer it to your iPhone or iPod instead of buying it on iTunes? Or just bugged by the complex mechanism of iTunes for managing your playlists?
Here’s a free iTunes alternative for you – KiwiGPhonTunes. It is the perfect iTunes replacement for backing up music files and managing your music collection across multiple platforms. KiwiGPhonTunes easily transfers music files between iTunes, Androids, iOS, Windows and more. Unlike iTunes, it’s all just a click away. It manages your playlists and music files with just one click. Music files are transferred to/from iTunes to iOS devices without the existing ones being erased. KiwiGPhonTunes supports almost all formats, operating systems, platforms and devices.
IOS users often face this trouble – As the Bluetooth facility is not available to most of the iOS users, they cannot transfer files to family or friends easily without the use of complicated softwares. As KiwiGPhonTunes is a multi-cross platform freeware, it helps connect android and iOS together at the same time with KiwiGPhonTunes acting as a medium. The transfer of files can be easily carried on through this software in three simple click- drag- drop steps.

Overwriting, music loss and back up are some of the issues faced by iOS users. Day by day the demand for a new software which fulfils these basic needs is increasing. These high end technological devices with unique specifications need specially designed softwares and not just any cheap free wares which promise to carry on similar activities but at the end of the day fail to do so. KiwiGPhonTunes is software with high competence and efficient mechanism which is not just good enough to juggle all the needs of an iOS user but even offer extra facilities at zero cost.

As an iTunes free alternative, KiwiGPhonTunes can efficiently transfer music from iOS to PC, restore iTunes library to local folder, juggle playlists between iTunes and devices & manage music in cross platforms i.e. iOS, iTunes, Android, PC, External drives. The perfect iTunes replacement indeed as iTunes offers a one way transfer facility with no room for other platforms to connect and exchange music with iOS devices. This freeware as the software type suggests is FREE for lifetime. KiwiG provides its users with 7/24 customer care and excellent technical online support.