How Performance Issues are Becoming the Cloud’s Undoing

Performance becomes a big factor when companies switch from legacy systems to cloud systems. Any performance issue is not taken lightly by the client because it causes far too many consequences in relation to the customer database. These issues create a reaction that is far reached because in comparison to cloud in house servers provide a far more consistent performance.

Here are some of the cloud’s performance issues:

1. Bandwidth limitation

This issue occurs when the bandwidth available is less than required. In such a situation the results are loaded in a very long time making the cloud computing experience miserable.

2. Variable data rates:

In a wireless network the data rates fluctuate fairly regularly. This creates a problem while video chatting and conferencing as none of us would want to her things that have been said a couple of minutes ago. This lag becomes a bigger problem is the criticality of the deal ort the meeting is very high.

3. Weather

The performance of the wireless networks undoubtedly suffers in the bad and inclement weather. But such is not the case in wire line or on-premise systems giving them a huge leverage over the cloud. Moreover what is the benefit of working remotely if you cannot even work properly in your office?

4. Limited storage

The storage available is termed as scalable in cloud environment, but is it that scalable as it is projected? The answer is no. Providers do provide scalable storage but that scaling is not with immediate effect and it takes some time before the promised extra storage is allotted to you.

5. CPU cycles

CPU cycles refer to the steps that a system takes to complete instructions. These are different for different instruction, and this non-homogeneity causes system to perform at a level that is below expectation.

6. Network connectivity

When your data availability depends upon the speed of your internet connection, it is of prime importance that your connection is up to the scratch. If it is not there would be latency and lag that would really make the choice of cloud a one that you would regret.

The performance issues may lead to the following scenarios

  1. The productivity of the employees get decreased as the information access is slower thus resulting in a chain reaction that makes the whole working atmosphere lethargic.
  2. If the services are not good enough, there is a general loss of customers affecting business in both the short term and the long term.

In a cloud environment the provider is in more control of your details than you are and that might put you in a sticky situation whenever a breach or a hack happens. Any breach would put your company’s progress off-balance making it a laughing stock inside the market.

The problems stated above are something that is part and parcel of cloud interface. These chinks in the armor cannot be ironed out but there are measures, if taken will make sure that the chunks are not exposed. Below are some measures

  1. Make sure the internet connection is of highest quality
  2. All the Service level Agreements are abided to by the provider.
  3. Keep track where your data is being kept and all the compliance issues are met properly.

Here we saw that there are surely some issues that need a careful consideration from the analysts and developers in order to make the cloud biggest technology to hit the market since the computer itself. And if it is not done the skeptics would be proven right time and again.