iSkysoft PDF editor: A smart program to edit PDF files

Every computer user knows about the significance of PDF files and it is one of the most used documents now a days. Even though PDF files offer many advantages for the PC users, it is tough to edit this document format. So, you need some specialized application to do this chore efficiently, right?

iSkysoft PDF editor deals with the editing issue of PDF files by providing various editing tools and let the users to have better experience while varying the PDF files. In other words, iSkysoft PDF editor software edits, converts, encrypts and annotate the PDF files quickly. This essential software is available for Windows OS with a large array of features; also iSkysoft PDF Editor for MAC is available on the web.

Key features of iSkysoft PDF editor

1. Alter PDF files to required format like MS Word

Easy accessible tools of iSkysoft PDF editor for windows allow the users to alter the PDF documents like the way they do in MS word. It also enables the users to convert the PDF files into their preferred format like Powerpoint, Excel, MS Word etc.

2. Having mark-up and annotation option for PDF files

Mark-up and annotation options are needed for every document for better understanding and good readability. The iSkysoft PDF editor contains tools to highlight, underline, to put boxes & rectangles and so on for the PDF files.

3. Enclosing the option of converting scanned PDF with OCR plugin

With the help of an add-on plugin named OCR enabled, the iSkysoft PDF editor allows the handlers to edit the scanned PDF files easily and allows them to convert those documents into their desired format.

4. Encryption choice to protect the PDF documents with password

The users could secure their PDF files with the encryption choice available with the iSkysoft PDF editor software. Moreover, this remarkable software has the capability to decrypt the PDF documents which are protected by password.

5. Easy merging and splitting of PDF files

As the iSkysoft PDF editor has the drag and drop PDF files while editing, it is easy to perform the merging process. Likewise, the user can set the number of pages that the PDF files to split.

6. Possibility of creating PDF files from other office documents

The managers could create the PDF files from the prevailing office flies such as MS word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. with this awesome software and even they could take out the surplus files or add new files to it.


System requirements to install iSkysoft PDF editor

  • Windows 7/8/XP/Vista
  • I GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 500M free hard drive space.

Advantages of iSkysoft PDF editor

  1. It is reliable software to edit the PDF files promptly.
  2. Interface is modest which is easy to understand options and so the users could perform the functions without difficulties.
  3. Its features include the possibility watermarking, rotating, merging, splitting, cropping and converting the PDF files easily.
  4. A well-organised PDF presentation can be obtained by manipulating the files even with the insertion of handwritten signature image.

Final Verdict

iSkysoft PDF editor is a multi-functional editor which permits the users to edit their PDF files as certainly as a word processor. It is fully compatible with Adobe PDF files with its advanced features and proficient functions.