Is Your Antivirus About to Expire?

Is your antivirus software about to expire? Perhaps you received a trial copy with your new PC, or the program you are currently using is approaching it’s expiry date (typically one year). Are you satisfied with it, or are you thinking of trying an alternative product?

Some antivirus and security suites are large and use up quite a bit of your system’s resources; the result being a general sluggishness when you are trying to do anything on your computer. This can be aggravating to say the least.

May I recommend the software I use? It is called VIPRE Antivirus Premium and it is produced by Sunbelt Software, a recognized leader in the security software business, both for personal and enterprise use.
VIPRE is a small, fast, yet effective antivirus program that has been getting excellent reviews:

“ZDNet said in their security blog about the VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware (the one without firewall): “Sunbelt Software’s VIPRE – I’ve finally found an antivirus package that delivers the goods. In a follow-up posting they did a performance shoot-out and concluded: “Sunbelt Software’s claim that VIPRE doesn’t hog system resources and doesn’t slow down a PC isn’t just marketing hyperbole but is actually true.”

Recently, Sunbelt Software released VIPRE Premuim, which includes a firewall that is more robust than the one included with Windows, and this is the version I personally use and recommend. Click on the box image to the left to get your free 30-day trial version, which includes full toll-free support.