iPhone 5 – Lighter, Thinner, and Faster

Apple latest update to the iPhone has resulted in a phone that’s faster, thinner, and lighter than the previous 4S. The iPhone 5 is a sleek new redesign to the popular smartphone changing a couple of key things. The biggest and most noticeable difference being the new form factor.

The new form factor of the iPhone 5 is one of the lightest phones you hold out there that packs so much power in a sleek design. A new aluminum based back with glass panels at the top and bottom somewhat mirroring the 4S. The front half houses the new 4 inch retina display which is more beautiful than ever and produces a high quality display and interacts with iOS to bring you an extra set of icons.

However this does mean this will lead to new changes in terms of iphone 5 case and accessories as a whole will be altered as the new phone also issues in a new dock connector, the new lightning port takes the standard 30 pin that we’ve all known and loved and integrates a smaller 9-pin form factor plug that will be the new universal standard for apple mobile products.

Engineering wise this phone is a marvel its more of whats inside that really counts. The new A6x processor in the iPhone 5 brings double the speeds in terms of overall performance and GPU results, games run that much smoother and look and feel  a little bit more nicer on that bigger screen. Still housing its great battery life to manage to get at least a full days use and even more for just average tasks.

iOS 6 comes installed on the new iPhone 5 bringing tons of new features like maps, updated siri, privacy setting and so on. Its overall a great sleek experience to match the hardware except on the end of the screen. While most things look great on the new 4 inch screen there are some exceptions. Not all apps are currently updated for the new iPhone 5 which leaves with some black bar aspect ratio as well as iOS 6 as whole doesn’t truly take advantage of the new screen real estate. None the less its a decent update for the iOS line and works great for the most part with all the new hardware.

Camera quality is still as exceptional as ever in the new iPhone 5 with its 720p facetime cam and 1080p rear camera with the new sapphire lens to produce crisper pictures. The new iPhone 5 as a whole is a great new experience for 4S users alike who are upgrading. You get a faster phone with all new great hardware and bigger screen in a presentation that is lighter and thinner than its predecessor. It feels great in the hand and performs great in everyday use making it still one of the best smart phones in the market today. Stay tuned however as with the holiday season rolling out and more iPhone 5 being sold new iPhone 5 covers, cases and accessories are bound to be released.