Hottest iPhone Apps of 2012

The iPhone has come a long way since the time it didn’t support any third party apps. Today, the market for iPhone apps is crammed to the hilt. Let’s look at five top notch iPhone apps for the year gone by.

This neat little news app developed by British Australian teen Nick D’Aloisio may be the most simple yet elegant news app of this year. Summly has already hit half a million downloads and counting. The app is basically a hub for news content from various relevant news websites. Summly presents compact news summaries of news stories from different sources. Users can view the summaries presented on the app, and visit the actual websites if they wish.

Dark Sky:
A simple yet useful solution for a weather app. Dark Sky recognises that most of us only want to know a few basic things about the weather. Namely – what the temperature is and will be; whether it is raining, and whether it will rain! Dark Sky thus does away with all the extra information and gives you precisely what you need. This well designed and minimalist app gives you basic weather information, as well as the next day forecast, should you want to view it.

Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars:
The Angry Birds phenomenon came out of nowhere and took the world by storm. Two new and exciting versions – Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars were released this year. For Angry Birds enthusiasts, these proved to be just what was needed to take the game to a whole new level of excitement. Gravity defying Angry Birds being flung at Jabba the Hutt Pigs, anyone?

iTranslate Voice:
This is a well-designed app that potentially allows people who speak different languages to converse with each other! The app translates whatever you say into the target language. It lets you set the spoken language as well as the target language, so with the appropriate settings, two people who would otherwise have no way to communicate can have a good old chat! There are limitations however, and obviously the app is not equipped to handle every single language on the planet. Currently iTranslate Voice supports about 30 different global languages.

Google Drive:
Google Drive for iPhone can redefine portability when it comes to work. It is like a basic text editor combined with a cloud storage device, and allows users 5 GB of free storage space on the server. This can also be increased for an annual fee to up to 25 GB. This is a free app, and has proven extremely popular. Recent updates also allow for spread sheet editing, making it even more functional than ever before.

These are just five of the top apps for iPhone from 2012 that have proved most popular and useful, but the list is longer with many more apps such as Solar, Sparrow, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Richard McMunn is the director and founder of; a career and recruitment specialist. Richard spent 4 years in the Royal Navy and 17 years as a Fire Officer and now provides recruitment training for those looking to join the army, navy and RAF.