iPad VS Kindle Fire

The tablet PC is becoming a very popular trend with technology junkies and even the casual PC user. Tablets are an easy way to store important items and move around with them. Some people might think “why not just get a laptop” but for some people design and ease of storage is seen as a great benefit. Business men and woman have all waited in lines to receive their iPad, but now the Kindle Fire is out and some people might want to change their preferred Apple tablet to an Amazon one after all. Let me give you a rundown of exactly what these two tablets are made of.

Operating systems

The iPad runs on the iOS 5 operating system. This operating system now has more than 90k of apps available for it. While the iPad has dedicated apps, the operating system has no option for users to improve their own personal preferences. Basically, the OS is locked and that means you have to accept it just the way it is. The only thing that you can change is the amount of storage used or how you want to connect to the internet. The Kindle, on the other hand, uses the Android OS which gives the user the ability to customise it to their liking.

Data Storage

[adsenseyu1]The data storage on the iPad gives you the options of 16, 32 and 64 gigs. The Kindle leaves you with only 8 gigs of storage space and no option of extending the memory via a memory card or bigger internal hard drive. This is one problem that won’t sit well with people looking to save movies, music and other large files on to their Kindle Fire. The benefit that Amazon has here is that it has a huge database of free-to-stream movies and TVshows that are open to all their users. Certainly a plus, it was their initial objective, as it means people can use Amazons free streaming services instead of having to copy all their media manually.

Battery Life

The iPad should last at least two hours longer than the Kindle, but taking into account all the things you can do with the iPad, you would expect it to last a bit longer than 10 hours.

Other Features

The iPad has a rear and front camera that allows you to take pictures and do other amazing stuff like take a photo of something you want to do a Google search for. In terms of ram and processor speed, they are evenly matched at 512MB RAM and 1GHz Processing speed. The display on the iPad is 9.7 inches while the Kindle is 7 inches, sacrificing space for the keypad where the iPad has an on screen keyboard.  The weight of the Kindle Fire is 414g, versus the 601g of the iPad. It is also possible to convert DVD to iPad and watch your movies on the go.


The iPad is much more expensive than the Kindle Fire but considering the features we’re not surprised. For a bottom of the range iPad you are looking to pay about $499 versus $199 for the Kindle Fire – for the Wi-Fi version of both. Of course the Kindle does not have a 3G version so we cannot compare the prices for those.

In conclusion, I feel that the iPad and Kindle Fire are appealing to two different target markets. Amazon has a huge base of followers that will stay loyal to their brand and the Kindle Fire will still be a successful product because of that. If the plan was to challenge the iPad then I don’t think the Kindle Fire has what it takes to stand up to the iPad just yet.