ioSafe Hot August Deal [Limited Time Offer]

Care about your important stuff?
ioSafe┬ámakes “disaster-proof” external hard drives, like the ioSafe Solo one of which I reviewed some time back here at WindowsTalk.

ioSafe deals with data disaster on a daily basis. It’s what they do. Fires, floods and natural disasters happen but it’s the “mini-disasters” like hard drive failure and accidental deletion that happen most often.

To avoid losing precious pictures, videos or critical business data ioSafe recommends you follow 3-2-1 Backup as a minimum rule.

  • Keep at least 3 complete copies of your data at any given time
  • Keep these copies on at least 2 different devices
  • Keep at least 1 of these copies on fireproof waterproof drives for natural disasters, offsite, online or all three!

More than 92% of data disasters would have been “non-disasters” if 3-2-1 Backup was in place. Be safe.

To help you protect your data, ioSafe is offering this Hot August Deal:

Here’s a coupon for up to $160 off + free shipping (40% off) any ioSafe Solo* and Rugged Portable*.

Coupon Code: HOTAUGUST12

Share with your friends or family. This deal has a limited number of systems so when they sellout, the discount will expire for that product. Otherwise expires 8-31-2012.

*This coupon is only valid on cannot be combined with other offers and has no cash value except where required by law. Only valid for shipments in the USA. Systems purchased under this coupon code may have a slight blemish on the back or bottom surface. These products are not eligible for resale. This coupon is not valid for ioSafe SoloPRO or Solo G3 products. All systems include full factory warranty, 30-Day Return Satisfaction Guarantee and Data Recovery Service.