Why now is the time to invest in Blu-ray

Having initially fought off competition from the HD DVD to gain its market share, Blu-ray now reigns supreme at the top of the home video format hierarchy. However, despite its numerous screening quality benefits, blue shaded discs are yet to be fully embraced by film addicts.

After seeing their stacks of VHS become virtually redundant following the introduction of DVD, it seems many movie fans have grown tired of chopping and changing their viewing preferences and are inclined to stay put with the latter format for the time being. It’s a sad state of affairs to have unfold, mainly because it’s these groups that are supposed to care most about quality of picture and sound combined. They’re supposed to gave a damn about innovation in the field of digital video, only some just, well, aren’t bothered.


For those who still haven’t been persuaded to spend a few extra pounds/dollars for Blu-ray and its superior definition, below is an argument they could do with hearing out.

Picture perfect

All the articles, stats and tests on video quality will all point to one conclusion; Blu-ray is the best format available when it comes to audio and video presentation. The resolution is six times that of a DVD when fed through a high definition screen, with its 1080p sharpness allowing film buffs to analyse every pixel of their selections. The colours and clarity of motion offered by Blu-ray allow the discs to boast better levels of quality in the three Ds: detail, definition and dimension. That’s the main reason out of the way.

A sound investment

Anyone that knows a thing or two about film production will know that audio and video share equal importance when it comes to the viewing experience. It’s more than a little handy therefore that Blu-ray’s breathtaking visuals are combined with 7.1 surround sound – providing an infinitely more crisp audio presentation. This quality can be maximised with the purchase of a home theatre that has the capability to produce 7.1 standard waves, although you should still feel a considerable difference just through a TV speaker.

Blu-ray players = DVD players.. for now

Top end Blu-ray players from the likes of Marantz, Sony and Pioneer will all be equipped with the cutting edge in disc readers. Not only will these drives have the capability to send a 1080p image onto a HD screen, they can broadcast a 420p picture too. So, the lesson being that film fans needn’t throw away their piles of DVDs at all. Even some of the latest systems come equipped with options for DVD playback, signaling that the roots of digital video aren’t being ignored.   


The problem with investing in technology is that, more often than not, it won’t last forever. Blu-ray will eventually succumb to pressure from an improved video format in time, leading many to stump up for the next big thing. However, it’s for this reason why people should be investing in Blu-ray sooner rather than later.

In time the likes of Warner Bros will cease their production of DVDs when realising new titles – much like they did with VHS. This is possibly the worst moment to invest in a Blu-ray player given that it will have already enjoyed a number of years on the market. It could be toppled any moment in several years time, but it’s most certainly the ‘in’ format at present.

About the author:

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