Introduction to data storage software

Data storage software is a dedicated type of applications used in storage management. It ranges from software which handles data storage in storage networks e.g. NAS or SAN as well as smaller infrastructure, even without the presence of networks, e.g. direct attached storage (DAS). Another type of storage software can be adopted for use in both storage networks, i.e. a combined SAN NAS hybrid, which allows for block as well as file level access to data. Finally, there is also a branch of software solutions used for cloud storage and virtualized devices.

Data management via storage software should cover such tasks as centralizing, simplifying and automating storage processes and operations. It should help to reduce the storage complexity and be adapted to the particular storage hardware.

The standard data storage software consist of network storage and resource management applications, performance monitoring, file systems, volume management, virtualization software and security software.

When describing software solutions available for enterprises, the importance of storage policy cannot be underestimated. Nowadays, all the important data indispensable for successful and efficient functioning of an enterprise should be managed in such a way as to protect and access the data without any interruption. To assure high availability of the system and business continuity, an enterprise therefore must take into consideration their particular requirements for data storage software. A software that will include failover data and volume replication and backups on multiple drives is a standard.

Data storage software is usually considered the most important issue in business data management, however, there are also solutions for home and private use. In many households the production of data is comparable with small enterprises, and the value of the data is equally important, therefore, service providers have also prepared solutions which manage storage operations and reduce storage costs in these environments.

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