Internet Anarchy: Anonymous Attacks

Image by gaelx


Anonymous, the vindictive and frighteningly powerful identity behind which a legion of internet hackers hides is famous for hacking websites and crashing them. After exploring the phenomenon that is Anonymous I found the answers to some crucial questions, like exactly what have they done? How, and why, do they do it? And, most importantly, how do you go about preventing your website from crashing as so many others have?

Anonymous’ motto is; “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

They’ve been known to bring down political websites such as the main page of the United States Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI. They are anti-censorship and anti-surveillance, especially in relation to the internet.

They crashed the Justice Department website after the department took down Megaupload (a hosting site that infringed upon copyright laws) and arrested the people who created it. After Sony filed a lawsuit against George Hotz, a hacker, Anonymous crashed their website. They also claim to have crashed Facebook at one point.

Anonymous have also crashed the sites of Universal Music and the Motion Picture Association of America. They are known to perform ‘raids’ upon Habbo Hotel, an online game where people assume avatars and socialize. In the game they get together to block off entrances, exits and swimming pools. They were also behind multiple calls being made to Tom Green on his late night call-in show, asking him to “do a barrel roll.”

But how is it Anonymous manages to hack these sites so easily? Why do websites crash to begin with? It’s actually pretty simple; the main cause of websites crashing is being overrun by traffic. Certain websites can only function when the number of users stays below a certain number. The sites of small business are the most susceptible because they usually aren’t set up to deal with too much traffic.

After they aired commercials in the Superbowl, Coca Cola, Acura and the website for the Act of Valor movie all crashed. After advertising to millions of people at once, their websites experienced an unprecedented number of users all attempting to get onto their respective sites simultaneously.

How can you prevent your site crashing? Well if you are a small business, or someone who has a site that does get a lot of traffic you should look into server hosting. UK server hosting and hosting around the world is provided by a multitude of companies and while it does cost money, so does losing customers due to your site not working. Servers can also protect all of your company’s information if anything should happen.

James Duval is an avid aficionado for all things techy. He’s an ardent supporter of Electronic Workplace, who enabled him to secure all of his websites.