Integrate Bing into Windows 7

logo-bing This is not really ‘new’, but since it was news to me, I thought it might interest WindowsTalk readers. It is from the Microsoft Bing Community:

We’re very excited to announce a seamless solution for integrating Bing directly into your Windows 7 Windows Explorer, so that you can search the Internet just the way you search for files and folders in Windows Explorer now. The solution requires only that you download and open the Bing OpenSearch description document.

This document enables you to perform web searches. In the future, we plan to publish new OpenSearch description documents that will help you search, for example, the latest news from Bing – straight from your Windows Explorer. Stay Tuned!

To get started, just follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Download the Bing OpenSearch description document.
  2. Double-click the downloaded document. This will automatically add the Bing "Search Connector” on your machine.
  3. From Windows explorer use the Search Box, type the terms for which you want to search and get the power of Bing into Windows.

You can perform Windows actions on the search results, such as Open, Send to, and so on. For a more detailed look at how search connectors work in Windows 7, take a look at Federating Windows Search with Enterprise Data Sources in the Engineering Windows 7 blog.

For more general information about OpenSearch, see

Happy Binging from Windows Explorer!

— The Bing API Team