Infographic: Take Steps to Fight Against Data Breaches

infographic_wireframe_itcreations_sept_2013_600Educating your employees and customers on the nature of data breaches will help you build a system that is more secure and resistant to attack. Oftentimes customers have their passwords or other data stolen through malicious attacks via emails that mimic your company’s style or through malware installed on their computer. By infecting any part of your infrastructure, hackers can gain access to identifying information and payment details for hundreds of thousands of your customers. This puts everyone associated with your business at risk and makes your company appear weak. When your employees and customers know to protect their information and not share it with outsiders you can make significant strides to keeping all of your data safe. Start by learning how breaches occur and who perpetrates the attacks so you can be better prepared moving forward. You can learn more about trends in data breaches by reading through the infographic we’ve provided here.

Written by IT Creations, a company an independent wholesale distributor of high-end servers and components in Los Angeles.