Infographic: Are you Mal-aware?

Malware InfographicSymantec Corporation is a world wide computer security software corporation that helps users around the globe deal with the problems they face from malware threats to their computer.
To help users understand the problem of malware, Symantic provides crucial information about staying secure online via their Malware Infographic.
By visiting and reading the available information on the Infographic users are able stay one step ahead of malware threats.
Malware is a category of malicious code that includes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
Symantec have scanned more then 8 billion websites and have detected malware in 1 in every 56 websites.
The Infographic also provides statistical data on browser vulnerabilities which helps the user in choosing the browser that is right for them.
Malware seeks to exploit existing vulnerabilities on computer systems and the Infographic contains some good advice on measures the user can take to protect themselves against the threat of malware.

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