Infographic: Your Favorite Music Programs, Built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s


Ever imagine what Spotify would have been like if it had been around in the 80s? What if were around in the 90s? There would be some distinct differences in your favorite music programs if they’d been introduced in previous decades. Some advantages, and some disadvantages. Take Spotify, for instance. Spotify would have been kind of like your own personal DJ. Tell it what kind of music you like and it will deliver songs that suit your tastes. If Spotify had been introduced in the 80s, it would have had a huge music library. And it would have been free to play—can’t beat that. On the downside, though, it would have a rather annoying habit of telling everyone you know that you’re secretly obsessed with The Biebs. (For those of you who are non-obsessed and unfamiliar with the teen star’s nickname, “The Biebs” means Justin Bieber.) Find out what your other favorite music programs would have been like in the years gone by if they were around in earlier decades. Check out the infographic below!

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