Infographic: A World of Microsoft Enterprise Technology

The face of Microsoft technology is constantly changing. The last 12 months alone saw the release of controversial operating system Windows 8 (along with the 8.1 update), next gen console Xbox One (10 years in the making), and there was an array of new enterprise tech launches including Windows Server 2012 R2, SharePoint 2013, Visual Studio and Office 365 amongst others. The next 12 months is set to be even more hectic, a new CEO is likely to make the headlines before summer 2014, and Forbes are now surfacing rumours about an acquisition of stutering dot com giant, Yahoo!

For more than 30 years, Microsoft has continued to expand and in 2013 reported revenues of $77.8 billion, a 6% growth on 2012. Paramount to Microsoft’s success has been the development of portfolio of technology products that the enterprise sector has come reliant on for future success. Microsoft’s entreprise tech section which comprises of the Business division and Server & Tools division contributed $45 billion which equates to 57.8% of total revenue, astonishing.

With that in mind, lets take a closer look at Microsoft’s portfolio of enterprise technology, which has formed the cornerstone of their business, in this jamm packed infographic. Highlights include:

  • Microsoft Exchange server combined with office services 51% of the worlds mailboxes in the business email market.
  • The latest rendition of Visual Studio was downloaded 600,000 time in its first month of release.
  • SQL Server can process 25 million capitalizations and account accurals in 42 minutes.

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infographic of Microsoft's enterprise technology

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