Infographic: How The Internet Revolutionized The World

internet-changed-world_650_thumb.jpgThe Internet has changed many aspects of modern living. From entertainment to politics and education, the online era has changed the way people relate with the world. For people with academic aspirations, online courses are highly practical. Today, ivy league professors teach free online classes that are fully respectable and informative. About a third of all college students ultimately take online classes at some point. The Internet has helped people learn more about the various illnesses and ailments associated with modern living. In the entertainment realm, sites like Pinterest and YouTube keep people occupied with constant streams of new content.

Perhaps most notably, Internet social networking helps people achieve populist political goals. Around the world, organizations like WikiLeaks are using technology to push agendas of social and political change. During the Arab Spring in the Middle East, people used tools like Facebook to organize dissent. Over time, technology has the potential to break the grasp of authoritarian governments around the world.

Source: An Online Revolution