Infographic: Unleashing Your Geek Love!

Do you ever get the idea that everyone around you is a geek? They might not be very open about it, but the truth of the matter is that the geeks are out there, and you may even see one when you look in the mirror!

For example, do you know a chic geek? A chic geek will not be caught dead in something as standard and plain as Old Navy. Instead, he or she will have a fashion aesthetic all their own. It will be unique, perfectly put together and it will definitely make a statement, though you might not agree with what that statement is!

Where a chic geek dresses in his or her own style, a cosplay geek pays meticulous attention to the clothing of their favorite character and then duplicates it. Cosplay geeks are often found at anime conventions, and they take a great deal of pride in the accuracy of heir outfits. They have a slightly wild look due to being up sewing at all hours before their events.


Source: Best Colleges