Infographic: A Peek Behind the Curtain at Google

Google has come a long way from being simply another choice for users to search for content. With over 10 years of Internet dominance, the search engine giant has become a global powerhouse with over $30 billion in revenue. With revenue totaling the value of low-income countries, Google’s business model includes an advertising market with a strong mobile market share.

Publishers benefit from Google’s user reach than any other search engine when it comes to finding content. Though both Google and major business greatly benefit from the AdWords program, important keywords are often misused for products that are most likely to be disreputable or illegal. An example as such is the company being fined for advertising Canadian prescriptions to residents of the United States.

The amount of users who use Google monthly exceeds the total of years Earth has been in existence. From a search engine, Google now houses a social network service, web browser, merchant services, and the world’s largest video sharing site online as a result of the company’s appeal for simplicity.