Incredible Windows 8 Features

A modernistic addition to the field of computers by Microsoft is the launch of Windows 8. This is for use in home theatre PCs, home and business desktops, tablets and laptops. The operating system was released to manufacturing in August 2012, and launched for public use in October 2012. Over this period, the dedication and allegiance shown by the Microsoft experts is remarkable. This operating system has got the upper edge to all the previous operating systems because of its new features and ease of access.

Changes brought about by Windows 8

Windows 8 has brought noteworthy changes in the operating system, taking advantage of new and innovative technology plus new security features along with other appealing attributes for all its users. Following are the main elements of Windows 8 which has kept it at the top list these days. New shell, start screen with an updated grid of applications and touch screen with friendly user interface is few main elements in Windows 8 to become a winner. One cannot stay away installing this operating system in their PCs after viewing these highlighted features and the comfort which it provides.

· Quick Information is available on the live tiles/grid which displays all the information. So users can get a glance at once on all the applications on the grid. The Window Phone was the main inspirational source for Windows 8, so all the features are stacked at one place. All the special updates, like social media, emails, calendars, and news are conveyed instantly on these tiles, easy for the user to work on. At the glance user can get all the updated information by just “tapping” the tiles.

· To make the Windows Surface tablet a home or office PC, users just need to add a stand, wireless mouse and keyboard and your PC is all set to work. As this can also be achieved by Android and iPhone device, but Windows 8 gives more efficient and user friendly environment than any other device.

· Another interesting feature of this operating system is that you can run all the applications like Photoshop, games, or Office through the desktop. With these applications, one can easily use Windows 8 native applications as well. Only this operating system has given exceptional choice to run the big and small application, no other operating system has offered this unusual trait so far.

· With the snap feature, you can move from one application to another. If you want to listen music while working on the spreadsheet, or if you want to watch a movie while cleaning your Inbox, Windows 8 gives you the feasible and friendly environment to work simultaneously on more than one application at a time. Faster multitasking is also the most attractive feature in this package.

Appealing option

The most appealing option which has attracted many users towards this operating system is the multi address /contact view option. Windows 8 automatically connects duplicate address for giving names. If your friend is on Exchange, twitter, Facebook and Windows live, you will see all the account’s address in the list.

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