Image Viewing With IrfanView

Image viewer programs are plenty in the market. A lot of people prefer an image viewer that not only has a lot of features but also loads up their images quickly. The latter is an important aspect as slow loading of images often kills the whole experience. IrfanView, on the other hand, promises to be much better at those aspects besides more. Let’s see what it offers the user.

Features and Performance

IrfanView supports almost every type of file format association. It doesn’t associate itself with every format though and leaves the choice to the user during installation. After you start IrfanView post-installation, you are greeted by a black viewing window that allows you to open and edit any picture you want. There is also a thumbnail view of the pictures available which makes for easier access of the pictures. The larger viewing window also adjusts to the picture that has been chosen in the thumbnail view.

Loading time of photos with IrfanView is incredibly low. To call it speedy is an understatement. It is almost instantaneous and it’s also quite open to addition of plug-ins related to music, video and some extra image plug-ins.

Earlier versions of IrfanView had a glitch with multi-monitor support. That seems to have been fixed now as images can be easily dragged to the secondary monitor and then displayed full screen. Earlier this full screen display was restricted only to the primary monitor.

Apart from the fast loading time and good thumbnail system, IrfanView also boasts of an impressive screen capture option. There are also many basic picture enhancement functions that allow you to play around with your pictures. The best thing about all this is that IrfanView is completely free. One gripe is the absence of a decent caching system. Developers should take note of this requirement as with a caching option all thumbnails can cached which allows for easier and quicker flipping through folders with a large collection of images. Inclusion of this feature (its already present in ACDSee) will pretty much push IrfanView to the top of image viewing programs for Windows.

There are a lot of other options as well which make the user experience that much better. IrfanView allows the user to save picture files as icon files which is not something you see with every image viewer and editor program out there. Apart from that, IrfanView has great loading speed, supports almost every format you could imagine, allows you to resize, convert, crop or format.

It also offers other effects like blur, edge detection, emboss, explosion, oil paint, pixelize and a lot more. The user also gets to decide the resolution and sharpening adjustments of the image.


It’s very fast, has loads of features and is a very small sized download. It’s also completely free for personal use. It supports picture, video and music plug-ins which makes it very versatile. Supports numerous image formats.


The GUI can do with some more polishing. The separate external image viewer is not to everyone’s liking and yes, thumbnail image caching needs to be incorporated.

This guest article is written by Sathishkumar who is the founder of the Internet Marketing company, Worthy Clique. When he is free, he also writes about iPhone 5 news and Virtual Tour Tips.