Steps To Help you When Installing IIS 8 on Windows 8

The Internet Information Server or IIS is certainly not required by all set of IT professionals. This is the basic reason why you could see Windows 8 shipping the latest version of Internet Information Server – IIS 8. However, it is not included in its default installation by the company. Hence you still are required to install this IIS 8 over Windows 8 based systems or networks. This could be carried out by simply from the ‘Turn Windows Features On/Off’. In fact, there is hardly any difference between installing IIS 8 over Windows 8 and IIS 7 getting installed over Windows 7. You could see some minimal changes in the installation of IIS 8. In case, if you happen to be an ASP.NET developer and want to try .NET by simply using the Visual Studio 2012 over your Windows 8 platform, you still need to install IIS 8 over your system. Now, let’s check the important steps, which could help you a lot while installing IIS 8 over Windows 8 as per the developer’s way.

Getting started with the Installation steps

Keeping abreast with the Microsoft modular design called the Uhm seems to be everything in this modern world. Though the IIS in windows may not be a known optional windows feature for all, yet it is required by IT professionals for many reasons. There are basically five steps, which can help you in installing IIS 8 over Windows 8, let’s check them out.

The first step

In order to install IIS 8, you simply have to start by pressing the Windows key along with the R key. This will pop up a Run window over your screen wherein you need to type the command ‘appwiz.cpl’ over the open text box followed by pressing the enter key. That completes your first step.

The second step

After finishing with the first step, you would see the Program and Feature part of the Control panel opening up. This could be even accessed by simply moving inside the Control Panel. Now, you are supposed to click over the option that says ‘Turn Windows features On or Off’, which is located over the left hand side of the pane.

The third step

In this step, you need to click over the check box that says ‘Internet Information Services. If you are among the developer community, you would certainly wish to expand the IIS node simply to check the sub components too. Through in the default, you could find only some limited components getting checked, which suffices to host any kind of site. However, if you are a developer, you would certainly need a couple of additional components to help you in your development tasks.

The fourth step

Once you select the components as per your development requirements, simply click the Ok button that would pop up over a small window.

The fifth step

The moment you are done with the installation, simply open the web browser – IE and navigate over localhost wherein you will get to see the result over it displaying IIS 8 in big font over the browser.

Final word

One of the basic things which the web developers are seen doing after installing Windows 8 over their system is enabling the IIS 8. So, if you plan to install IIS 8 on Windows 8 following the above five steps could help you in the best way in doing the same.

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