If Your Network Is Creaking From The Strain, Get It Fixed

networkTake a computer network and analyze the amount of work that it does on any given day of the week, and you’d likely be amazed at the amount of activity that occurs on a digital infrastructure of this kind, especially if it is part of the information backbone being used and relied upon by a firm that has branch offices scattered around the country or perhaps around the world. It’s a network that is used to provide a seemingly unlimited amount of services to employees, management, customers and others who might for any number of reasons decide that they want to access the main information backbone of this particular company and use any of a number of functions that the network can provide, such as basic Web page output, voice, video, instant messaging and texting services, to name but a few of the most popular services that most corporate networks supply on a daily basis without even breaking a sweat.

Experiencing Feeling of Awe

You might look at just such a network and experience a feeling of awe as you observe the high level functions that are available not only to people using desktop computers, telephones and other more traditional network nodes, but also those using mobile applications, such as those for smart phones and iPads, which can command a lot of a given network’s bandwidth simply because they are extremely popular with employees who are used to employing them with their home electronics and are eager to use the same computing technology in their everyday job, because they realize that mobile apps involve using light handheld devices that are very portable and often quite sophisticated in their functions.

Running At Top Speed

So let’s say that you’re a network administrator who is charged with providing coverage and maintenance for just such a network that is always running at top speed and is relied upon by a countless number of individuals who need to file their sales reports at 3 a.m. or want to stream a particular marketing video for clients so that they can demonstrate your company’s services and products, but they happen to be doing the streaming from a client’s office in Seoul, South Korea, so it’s going to take a network with very good bandwidth capabilities to accommodate these diverse needs that might be required simultaneously from different corners of the planet.

The Need for Good Software Testing

Sounds like you’re going to need some awfully good software testing, because the kind of stress that is going to be put on your system could very well cause it to break down, and if that’s the case, you’re going to see a system outage that’s not going to be pretty.

So do a little bit of advance stress testing, see where the cracks are in the system before the whole thing breaks down, and by all means, fix the weak spots so that you don’t end up with a lifetime of regret.

Eric Blair writes about software testing and mobile application testing that is done to increase the performance of almost any computer application.