Identity Theft and Public WiFi

identity theft infographicWhen you’re sitting in a coffee shop or other public place that offers free Wifi, you are probably tempted to check your bank account balance or engage in other financial activities. Perhaps you even depend solely on free WiFi for all of your Internet activity because you think you are being smart and saving money by not paying for your own WiFi service. Many urban residents can easily pick up signals from businesses that offer free WiFi to patrons, but doing so may end up costing your much more than you would pay for your own secure connection.

Opportunistic criminals frequently troll public networks for purposes of gleaning account numbers, user names and passwords of those who are careless enough to check financial information online. Online shopping is another activity that is better indulged in from the safety of a secure connection. Many people have no idea of the risks they are taking when they use public Wifi services.

Source: The Stupidest Things You’re Doing to Put Your Identity at Risk