How To Watch What’s Happening In Space… With NASA!

Ever wanted to see the solar system for yourself with the eyes of a space traveller?
Now there is a new online exploration tool for you to do just that. It’s called “Eyes On the Solar System” and features real NASA mission data so it’s the real deal.

Feel Like You’re Controlling The Tardis
Watching Dr Who will never be the same again.  Eyes on the Solar System works as a 3D environment so you are really made to feel that you are there, out exploring the cosmos from your screen. You can see the entire solar system moving in real time, experience and view everything as it actually happens. You are in fact controlling space and time yourself (much as a Dr Who villain has always tried to).

Fascinated By Space Travel?
Now you can see what you want to in space. It may always have been a fascination of yours but now you can investigate the various planets, comets and moons that are out there.
All you have to do is click on
You’ll need to install the 3D plug in on your browser to view Eyes On The Solar System properly.  Take a look at the various tutorials as well if you need a bit of extra help.
The tabs at the bottom of the screen allow you to see your way through the visual navigation by picking a destination time and speed.

Discover Yourself On A Real NASA Spacecraft
Next you’ll be well on your way to exploring the solar system in 3D.  You can climb aboard a real NASA space craft – look to the front of you, see where you’ve been or glance at either side.
You can zoom in and out on the screen as you wish. For example if you wish to look more closely at Earth you can do so – and see what satellites happen to be orbiting at a particular time.
Rather like a Time Lord, you can accelerate time in space – see what that sort of power feels like.  Or you can just watch the solar system move by in real time.
Have you always wanted to see for yourself what happened on previous missions to the outer planets? Is there a particular mission that fascinated you and caught your attention?

Past Space Missions to View
It might be the Voyager mission or the Veneer mission which was charged with exploring asteroids.
You could even take a look back to the 1970s and relieve the Pioneer exploration mission.
Eyes On The Solar System gives you the key to a virtual solar system to explore. It’s not difficult to download and watch and you’ll see that there are tutorials to help you.
So enjoy your closer look at time and space , thanks to NASA!

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