How to Upload to Youtube

Dreaming of a life in the spotlight? Want to be the star of your own personal video watched by millions? YouTube is making this dream possible for the ordinary folks how upload videos to their site. Since its launch, millions of YouTube videos have been uploaded, watched, rated and commented on. If you want to join the ranks of the people who have become overnight YouTube sensations, or just want to share a video with friends, then you will need to know how to upload to YouTube.

Required Tools and Materials

  • Computer
  • Video to upload
  • Internet
  • YouTube account


  1. Create a YouTube account / log into YouTube
  2. If you don’t have one already you will need to create a YouTube account. To do this go to and click Create Account at the top right.
  3. Fill out the form by choosing a user name and entering your date of birth and accepting their terms of agreement.
  4. Once you’re finished, log into the YouTube account
  5. To upload, click “Upload” located to the right of the search bar and click browse. A window will open allowing you to search through the files on the computer for the video you want to upload.
  6. Select the video file to be uploaded. The file must be one of the following formats:
    • AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)
    • 3GP (cell phones)
    • MOV (Mac)
    • MP4 (iPod/PSP)
    • MPEG or .MPG (Motion Picture Experts Group
    • FLV (Adobe Flash)
    • SWF (Shockwave Flash)
    • M4V (h.264)
    • WMV (Windows Media Video)
  7. Click the button that says “Upload video”
  8. Enter the information necessary to upload the video. This will include:
    The title, description of the video, category the video should be added to and tags. Hit save
  9. Wait for the video to upload, the length of time will differ depending on the length and quality of the video.

Tips and Warnings

  • Videos can be up to fifteen minutes in length and 2gb in size
  • Keep the title simple and relevant to the video this is the best way for the video to come up in searches and get as many views as possible.
  • Keep tags in line with the theme of the video but not exactly the same as the video so it comes up more often.
  • Make the description detailed, interesting and relative to the video.
  • Never upload copyrighted material to YouTube. It is against the rules laid out in their terms and conditions. Videos containing copyrighted material will be deleted from the site as soon as it is discovered. If you keep uploading copyrighted material (this can be original videos with copyrighted background music) your account could be suspended or deleted. Filmmakers and production studios especially are clamping down on their material being illegally distributed on the Internet. In addition to account suspension, you could face criminal charges.
  • Uploading lewd and pornographic material will also cause your account to be deleted
  • Read through YouTube’s terms and conditions if there are any questions about the types of videos that can be uploaded.