How To Update Windows XP Drivers

If you still use this operating system, you might need to know how to update Windows XP drivers. After all, you can still receive security updates, hotfixes and technical support for Service Pack 3 and Office 2003 until April 8, 2014.

After that, you should think about upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8. You may also want to obtain a newer copy of MS Office. Still, you may have some errors you want to fix on your XP computer right now.

Common Issues With Windows XP Drivers

Sometimes your screen freezes when you try to run a program. Other times you can’t watch video, hear sound or shut down your computer. Your machine may not even read your device at all. You need to realize that every single one of your pieces of hardware requires software to make it run.

Updating XP Drivers With Windows Updates 

Windows XP requires slightly different steps for updating than in newer operating systems. Furthermore, some people have their XP interface set up differently than other persons would. Therefore, the exact steps to receive updates vary. However, these general principles still apply.

Here’s how to update Windows XP drivers with Windows Updates:

  • Go to your control panel from your Start menu.
  • Look for your Windows Update tool.
  • Open it up and click on “check for updates.”
  • You can also schedule automatic updates.

When you do this, you should receive critical and optional downloads. Decide what updates you want to allow. Usually, receiving all the updates available helps you run all your programs, but some updates you need more than others.

Additional Advice About Finding Correct Windows XP Drivers

You could also go to the individual manufacturer site and receive the XP drivers you need. Be warned that doing this one by one can become tedious. After all, you need them for all the hardware you own—for your printer, microphone, speaker, camera, scanner, copier, tablet and more.

Sometimes it’s easy to spend hours looking for the right components, especially if you are seeking the files you need for used software. If you don’t have a purchase date or model number obtaining what you need seems impossible at times. The issue gets worse when you try to obtain updates for nearly-obscure operating systems.

Windows XP may still work for you, but you have to watch out. You might encounter viruses when attempting to download seemingly legitimate hardware updates. You also have to exercise caution when choosing an automated software to help you. You don’t want to install a program that will cause you even worse problems than trying to find the drivers yourself.

Still, you can save quite a bit of time when you allow driver update software to do the work for you. Sometimes, you can learn how to update Windows XP drivers and have the entire process done within minutes. Other times, it might take you more time. It depends on the size of the driver files as well as the length of time since you last upgraded your computer.

By Erin Walsh