How to take a screenshot in Windows 8

If you want to take a screenshot in Windows 8, it is not mandatory to have extra software for it. You just need to have a good idea of the some of the keys of your keyboard and some of the tools in Windows 8 which will help you do work more efficiently.

As per the Windows 8 version is concerned, it is extremely easy to capture and customize the screen capture. Here are some of the best ways of taking a screenshot in Windows 8. In Windows 8 you can find a lot more built in ways to take the screenshots than the previous versions.

Use Print Screen Button:

This is a default key in your keyboard, by the help of which you can capture the complete photograph of the screen. However, when you use this key, the complete screen is taken as a photo and is added to the clipboard. You can then copy that image and paste it in the Microsoft Paint or Word file according to your need. You can also edit the screen in Paint as per your requirement. This is considered to be the easiest method to take a screenshot, but in this method you have some limits. You have to take the screenshot of the whole screen and then you have to edit. Therefore, editing in this process is little tougher. You have to copy and paste the screenshot to paint or Microsoft word which takes more time.

Use Alt + Print Screen:

This is another very easy method of taking the screenshots in Windows 8. This method works like the first method but it has a very important difference from the first method. Instead of taking the screenshot of the whole screen, in this case you can take the screenshot of the active screen only. If the three windows like Paint, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Word are open, you can take the screenshots of all the three windows separately with this method. This is undoubtedly better process than the first one especially when you are going to e-mail a screenshot of a specific active screen as attachment.

Use Windows Key + Print Screen:

This is another very effective method to take a screenshot in Windows 8. It is much more improved method. In this method you do not need to copy paste the photo anywhere. When you press Windows key and the print screen together the captured screen is automatically saved in the Libraries of the Pictures folder. Like other two methods here you do not need to paste the screenshot in any different file. When you will take the screen shot with windows key, a folder named screenshots will automatically be created in your picture folder. If you will open this folder you will find the screenshots which you have taken in a chronological order. You have to select the screenshot file and then you have press enter or double click of the mouse to open the file. Therefore, you can take the screenshot much more quickly with this method. Only what you need to make the screenshot perfect is proper editing according to your requirement.

Microsoft Snipping Tool:

This is another very useful tool for taking screenshot in Windows 8. This is a default tool which is provided by Windows 8 to its users. Snipping Tool has four modes of capturing screenshots. The modes are Free from snip, Rectangular snip, Window snip and Full screen snip. Among these four modes there are two additional modes which you cannot find in the traditional screen shot tools. It will not only help you to take the screenshot, but you can edit it according to your requirement instantly. This gives you another very important feature. In all the above cases you cannot take the screenshot of the specific space of the screen you require. However, with spinning tool, you can select the region with this tool and then you can take the screenshot of only that spot. With all these wonderful features this tool is undoubtedly very much handy. With the help of this tool you can also make the necessary changes in the screenshot before saving it.

It is true that a lot of users of Windows 8 are saying that some of the features of Windows 8 is bit complicated. However, taking screenshot is not all a big deal in Windows 8. If you have some of the apps to do it, it’s good. However, the inbuilt system of windows 8 for taking screenshots can also save time for you. Editing and saving the screenshots have also become extremely easy with Windows 8.

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