How to Stand Out as a Tech Blogger

typingOf all the specializations one could focus their blog on, technology is probably the most prevalent in in all of internet-dom, and with good reason. Of course, there are many separate branches of tech that one could elaborate on, and there are enough things in pop technology that could be written about. Merely focusing on one subset, like say smartphones and related gadgets and applications, one can see the diversity of websites to visit for your fill of information.

With the sheer number of tech-oriented blogs out there, it is truly very hard to stand out. How is a small tech blogger without an obscene budget for marketing their site going to get their site out there for the tech-oriented masses to peruse?
Here are some quick and dirty bits of advice that every new and even experienced tech blogger should consider:


Though Google’s Matt Cutts always champions great content, it can’t hurt to make some optimizations to your site’s SEO in order to make sure that your content will always appear in the searches (ideally, within the first page of results). WordPress blogs already have a wealth of plugins that can help with this.

When in doubt of your own SEO-fu skills, don’t hesitate to hire an expert. Optimization doesn’t have to be expensive for the basic stuff; check sites like oDesk and Freelancer for SEO mercenaries that will do the job for the best rates.

Host It!

While it is perfectly acceptable to take advantage of free hosting from sites like WordPress and Blogger, it always pays to actually get yourself a decently featured yet inexpensive hosting package to give you all the freedom to design your blog and put all the content you would ever want in it, advertisements included.

With cheap WordPress hosting services all over the ‘net, you should have no trouble getting something to fit your blogging needs. Start with a basic package, and scale it up to meet demand as your popularity and readership grows.

Cram It (with Content)!

This is truly the most important aspect of your tech blog. If you want to surpass the rest, your write-ups should have the right information and be interesting to read. The images and videos you embed should be the best quality without slowing your site down; most readers are attracted to multimedia content more than anything.

Though it is very difficult to get exclusives (often, the bigger players get to achieve that), your content should be presented in such a way that it is the best treatment on the product or subject. Readers will appreciate your efforts and come back for more the next time they need their technology fix.

Spread It!

Lastly, make the extra effort and spread the message beyond that of just SEO optimization. Social media comes into play here; have a Facebook and Twitter, and participate in the forums in which your subject matter is heavily discussed. Whether or not you decide to put a human face to your site or not, you still have to interact with the people who visit, read, and comment on your blog entries.

Happy tech blogging, one and all!

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals.