How To Sell Your Technology And Make The Most Money From It

Technology is rather expensive and if you want to stay ahead of the curve then you can sometimes find yourself spending rather a large portion of your pay packet on various gadgets and devices that you need to run your business.

However one of the very best ways to prevent this from being too expensive is to sell on your old devices before you buy the new ones which will allow you to put more money toward your next purchase. Here we will look at how to do this and save yourself the maximum amount of money.

Think Ahead

When you choose your device you should do so with the intention of someday selling it and this will help you to make choices that save you money in the long run. First of all then, make sure that you buy a device that is premium and top of the range. This might seem like spending unnecessary money, but first of all it will help you to get the best possible performance out of your money, and more important it will mean that when you come to sell it you can make a lot more money on your device.

The other reason it’s important to think ahead is that it will allow you to take steps to protect your device. Say you are buying a smartphone or a tablet for instance, if you plan on selling it at a later date then it is very much a wise move to buy a cover for it and a screen protector. A tiny scratch on your screen can cost you a lot of money on your device when you come to sell it, and by getting a screen protector you can avoid this issue.

Keep everything as well – that means all the boxes and instructions as well as receipts. This way when you sell it on to the next person you can actually genuinely advertise it as ‘good as new’ and sell it in the exact condition that you got it in. If you have all the documents it may even have some of the warranty left which is of course a good selling point.

Sell Often

Meanwhile you should make sure to sell your hardware and upgrade as often as you can. If you area used to buying a new laptop or computer only when you really need one, then consider making it a habit to sell and buy at least once a year. This way you are able to stay right at the top of your game but there won’t be too large a divide between the hardware you have and the hardware you are buying. For instance if you buy a new iPhone every year then you’ll be able to sell on the old ones for almost the value of the new ones and this will of course be much less expensive in the long term.

Sell on eBay

Finally make sure to sell on eBay or otherwise ‘direct’ to the person buying. Don’t think about using intermediaries like cash exchange shops because they need to make a profit when they sell your device on meaning that you will ultimately lose out on a lot of the value. Sell direct and you keep 100% of the profit, even if it is a little more work.

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